Reflections on Aging Well

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Is anyone asking for wisdom? June 15, 2011

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My 98 year-old friend had a twinkle in her eye and a sly grin on her face.  “Isn’t it odd that people talk about the wisdom of us old people, but no one asks for it?” 

I almost dropped my fork. Her question was both blunt and unnerving.

It made me wonder why we don’t ask older adults to share the wisdom they’ve gained over a lifetime of experiences.  Is it that we look at their gray heads and slumping shoulders and think to ourselves that anything they have to say about living life is terribly out-of-date?  Do we unintentionally discount their opinions and thoughts because they are not up-to-speed with the latest electronic gadgets?

How long has it been since you asked an older adult to share her wisdom? How long has it been since you’ve asked what she’s learned in her long life that could help you in your journey?  Well… that’s too long.