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Missing Christmas December 18, 2010

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Missing Christmas

My mind guards Christmas memories like they are Ft. Knox.  They are priceless, fragile things.

Images of pajama-clad children standing at the top of the staircase, eager for the OK to rush to the pile of gifts nestled under the glowing tree.

Memories of family gathered round the table, sitting in mismatched chairs, lingering over dessert and another funny story. 

Nostalgic remembrances that tug at my heartstrings.     

But surely there is more to Christmas than goosebump moments. 

Christmas is more than good will.  It is the Good News.

It is more than the magic of  the North Pole. It is the mystery of the manger.    

For nestled deep within holiday traditions and warm feelings is the Christ child. Waiting to be found.

 Let us not confuse sentiment for significance.

 For if we do, we will miss Christmas.


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