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Oprah, aging: Too depressing to talk about? June 5, 2010

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Recently I read that Oprah doesn’t like to talk about aging because she finds it too depressing.  Let me say up front, I have no idea if that is really Oprah’s opinion or not.  However, I do know that many people would sheepishly agree with that statement.  They prefer NOT to think about the realities of aging. It’s just too hard they say.  So they close their eyes and make a laundry list of excuses.

It got me to thinking about what makes me sad. Easy. People who aren’t willing to think about aging, much less talk about it. I can’t help but wonder if they are the same ones who stay away from visiting elderly people in assisted living centers or nursing homes. They are the grown sons and daughters who rarely call or visit aging loved ones.  Why can’t they put themselves in the shoes of the elderly at least long enough to consider the feelings of the older persons? How must these seniors feel to think that their “predicament” is so distasteful that others don’t want to be around them?  Just sayin’….


3 Responses to “Oprah, aging: Too depressing to talk about?”

  1. Amy Says:

    I stopped caring what Oprah thought when she started talking down about God because of what happened to her and started believing in “The Secret.” No credibility there, just sayin’!

    When I was a teenager and younger person, it was incredibly uncomfortable for me to visit my aging grandparents or be around old people. I thought they were from a different planet.

    However, as I’ve had my own children and been able to see past my own narrow point of view, some of the people I respect the most are the elderly people in my life. I’ve realized that humans have not changed, even with the advent of technology, in the least since the Garden. So, I need to make an effort to engage with those older than me. I can learn a lot about in and every situation that way!

    Doesn’t mean it’s always comfortable but the blessing is worth more than the comfort.!

  2. Bobbie Guillory Says:

    I was blessed to have two of the BEST grandmothers to grow up with, who taught me to crochet, plant seeds, cook, and all of the mysteries of old trunks. Their love taught me to love old people and now I AM ONE! I am 72 and love my life and my old friends. My precious mother-in-law just passed at 90, following my mother 11 years ago on the same day. No accidents, folks. To those who try to hide from aging I say, listen to our elders’ stories and look into their eyes as they speak of the past and of the now. Hold their hands and feel their joys and pains and receive the blessings they have to share with you.

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