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Haiti: a ray of sunshine from an unlikely place January 17, 2010

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Like almost every person in America, I have been consumed with news about the earthquake in Haiti this week. It’s been impossible to fully concentrate on my writing tasks. Instead I have been watching news broadcasts and reading Twitter, Facebook, blogs and news stories on the internet about the latest rescue-and-recovery efforts. The images have been haunting. So much suffering and tragedy.

But amid the confusion and chaos, there are tiny rays of sunshine streaming through the cracks in the concrete rubble.

Sunshine like the medical mission team from Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, TX who was in the earthquake in Haiti. The 12-person group was led by 84 year-old retired ophthalmologist Dr. Kenneth Foree and his 75 year-old wife, Lila, who for 30 years have made  mission trips to Haiti and who helped build the Haiti Eye Care Clinic in 1985.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

I am humbled by Dr. and Mrs. Foree’s compassionate commitment, especially at this stage of their lives. At a time when other older adults might be watching a marathon of re-runs on TV, they have chosen to serve the poorest of the poor, the least of these. I hope other older adults will take note: You can still make a difference!

Dr. Foree and several team members were trapped in the debris of their collapsed medical building. Thankfully, due to a miracle of an American miner passing by at just the right time, Dr. Foree and the team members were rescued. Sadly though, one team member died after she had been rescued from the rubble.                                                                                          

In spite of  the tragedy. In spite of the sadness and poverty. I am sure the Haiti Eye Care Clinic will somehow find a way to be a ray of sunshine again.


2 Responses to “Haiti: a ray of sunshine from an unlikely place”

  1. Renee in MN Says:

    Older adults at The Commons in MN raised a sizable amount for Haitian relief and will be going to a local organization in February to pack food for Haiti. Even older adults here at home have the opportunity to help. PTL!

  2. missybu Says:

    Hooray for the older adults at The Commons in MN! That is so great!

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