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Bible study for the ages October 18, 2009

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Tonight, was the last session of a Bible study I’ve been facilitating for the last couple of months. As has become tradition for our group’s studies, we concluded this final session with a service of Communion.  We stood in a large circle around the make-shift altar, and the minister led us in the liturgy.   I lifted my eyes just before the prayer’s amen and caught a glimpse of heads bowed, bathed in candlelight.  It took my breath away, as it always does.  We ranged in age from early twenties to eighty-something.  There were gray heads and dyed heads, bald heads and and a ponytail.  I inhaled the moment and whispered a thank-you.  For no matter our ages, no matter our stages… we are His.


2 Responses to “Bible study for the ages”

  1. bible study Says:

    you are correct .
    it is very useful to people.

    and i like to say that keep going on.

  2. Gary Says:

    I have been doing music for retirement homes, nursing homes and memory care units for quite some time. I am going to lead a Bible study group at one of the facilities soon. I am looking for ideas appropriate my group. This facility is a mix of elders at various degrees of functionality. Thanks. Gary
    My email is

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