Reflections on Aging Well

Author, Living with Purpose in a Worn-out Body: Spiritual Encouragement for Older Adults (Upper Room) and Columnist, Aging Well, United Methodist Reporter

Tucked into my Bible September 28, 2009

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Not long ago, I attended a weekend event with hundreds of women.  I smiled when I opened my study Bible and turned to the reading in the Psalms.  There, tucked deep within the pages, was a note from a dear elderly friend.  Though she is almost totally blind, she had lovingly scribbled words of friendship onto a small paper a few years ago.  Then she had glued it onto a tissue-paper heart. Just seeing her handcrafted Valentine gave my day a lift.    

 I flipped through other pages and found a small, needlepoint Christmas tree, a hand-stitched gift from another older adult friend who is now on hospice care.  There was also a packet of seeds that had been given to me by a friend at her elderly father’s funeral.  He had been a gardener and a man of great faith.  The seed packets were the family’s way to help us remember the importance of planting seeds of faith into the lives of others.       

 In the New Testament pages, there was a small square of paper on which my Dad had written the name of his two favorite hymns.  We lovingly sang both songs at his  memorial service.  And just a few pages away was a photo of my mother and me, taken at my book signing  at her senior residence a few months before she passed away.     

 These keepsakes remind me of older adults who have impacted my life and my faith journey.  I’m guessing you have them too.  Simple things that recall lives well-lived.  And what better place to keep them than in the pages of scripture?


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