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God Questions from Older Adults September 8, 2009

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Last week, I decided to ask some older adult friends what questions they would like to ask God.  These good folks range in age from 78 to 98.  Some reside in senior complexes or assisted living centers.  A few still live at home, independently.   All are people of faith.

This is just a sampling of their spiritual questions.  I sometimes wonder if clergy, lay persons and family members realize how older adults wrestle with such important questions.    

 “When will I die?”

 “Scripture says you will remember my sins no more.  But scripture also talks a lot about judgment. Which way is it? Or is it somehow both?” 

 “When it’s my time, may I please die at home in my own bed?”   

 “Why am I still here?”

 “Why does growing old hurt so much?”

 “Is it OK to be cremated and have my ashes scattered, even if my family is opposed?”

 “Why did you take my spouse so early?” 

 “Do you ever laugh at what people write in obituaries?”

 “Why do you allow tornadoes and hurricanes to kill people?”

 “Why do you choose to intervene in some situations but not in others?”


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  1. bible man Says:

    nice post, thanks, appreciated.

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