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Old-young thoughts from the extreme center June 27, 2009

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I think I must be one of those people Adam Hamilton of United Methodist Church of the Resurrection describes as  clinging to the extreme center of certain faith issues.  All I know is that sometimes it feels awfully lonely here in the middle. 

Lately, I have been intrigued by conversations taking place in Methodist circles about “Rethinking Church” and asking “6 Questions”.   Since I most often write about older adults and faith,  my ears perk up when the words “old” and “young” are used.   It’s true I have a tender heart toward senior adults, especially those who are struggling to find purpose in a culture that honors youth, not age.   But as the mother of three amazing young adult children, I am also in awe of young adults… their energy and enthusiasm for ministry… and their willingness to think in fresh ways.  

I guess what I want is for old and young to really hear and respect each other.   Really.  Sometimes I wonder if we get old people mixed up with old ideas.   

So that’s my thought for today… here in the center.  I’m just wondering.


One Response to “Old-young thoughts from the extreme center”

  1. John Leek Says:

    Most young folks aren’t going to respect people for things they did in the past.

    Of course they may be similar to God in that respect.

    “Who are you now? How do you serve now? How do you matter to your neighbor now? How do you love NOW?

    It seems that most retire to a life of leisure and that means jack squat to the kingdom.

    I’ve had some older folks play a mighty role on and in my life.

    Grandma Carlson, Mary, The Wilsons, the Schroeders, the Morgans and others all took the time to notice me, to build me up and model service.

    Older adults have to take the time to matter to us young folks.

    Just do it.

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